Staff October 26, 2019 0

Travel to the Bahamas is a popular choice for a lot of people. But tourists should be aware of recent events in the Bahamas. The island nation was recently devastated by the impact of Hurricane Dorian.

That hurricane was a category 5 storm when it landed on the Bahamas. It also stood still over the islands for a few days, adding to the carnage that was incurred. The Bahamas is working to clean up after the storm and travelers should be aware of that fact.

The price tag for travel to the Bahamas might change over time. The trip is held in high esteem and people will be interested in that option. The Bahamas is still a prime destination for international travel. Tourists want to arrive on the spot and see how the island has changed in many new ways. The Bahamas could be a pricey choice for new travelers.

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